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My Tool Shed - 6ft x3ft - Police Approved

5 point pick & drill resistant locking system for security
Secure Tool Storage
6ft x 3ft  all metal galvanised tool shed storage
Storage approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board
Insurance Approved Tool Shed
Reinforced doors, hinges and panels
6x3 metal garden shed - The Classic
Security door dead bolts behind the doors
Shed tool rail
5 point pick & drill resistant locking system for security
Secure Tool Storage
6ft x 3ft  all metal galvanised tool shed storage
Storage approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board
Insurance Approved Tool Shed
Reinforced doors, hinges and panels
6x3 metal garden shed - The Classic
Security door dead bolts behind the doors
Shed tool rail

WAS £715


  • Details



    My Tool Shed is Asgard’s answer to your all-in-one storage needs, for your collection of tools. It can easily fit into your existing workshop, to provide you with extra security for your tools, or can be placed outdoors because it is a similar size to small garden sheds.

    Asgard’s My Tool Shed is a tough insurance approved 6ft x 3ft metal tool shed, which has been made in the UK and designed to provide high security storage for valuable items such as power tools and workshop equipment.

    A built in metal floor ensures that intruders cannot gain access to the shed from the ground up and the ground bolts mean that the shed cannot be moved. If that’s not enough, this shed weighs in at 25 stone of real steel, so My Tool Shed is your own little fortress.

    Fitted with a steel shrouded 5 point locking system (with deadbolts) and a pick (and drill) resistant lock, this tool store is so secure it has achieved Loss Prevention Certification Board approval (to level 1).

    If you plan to have My Tool Shed outdoors, you definitely don’t need to worry about your tools being damaged by the wind and the rain. This is because it is made from tough, heavy gauge, galvanised steel, which is weatherproof. The metal storage unit also features a ventilation system that minimises the risk of condensation inside the shed, which can cause damage to tools and electrical equipment.

    For ease of access, this shed has large double doors, which when opened up you can clearly see your tools on the heavy duty tool rail (included with the shed). Those who are professional tradesmen prefer this steel made tool shed, because the security features give them peace of mind that their expensive tools of the trade are locked up safely at night and out of harms way.

    You may want to know how to build a shed yourself, but why bother when you get full, easy to read instructions with this neatly designed tool store. It’s so easy to build, you’ll be finished within 1 – 2 hours, should you choose to assemble this shed by yourself.

    The Asgard My Tool Shed is designed and made in the UK, LPCB approved, delivered free to most of the mainland UK and supplied with a free 10 Year Warranty as standard.

  • Features

    6 x 3 metal tool shed Insurance approved

    Product Code: class3

    Insurance Approved 6 x 3 Metal Tool Shed - Features

    Secure tool storage in the home

    • Perfect for garages and workshops - where extra security is needed.
    • Bracing bars - helping to prevent forced entry.
    • Panels are reinforced - heavy duty construction.
    • Welded Hinges - heavy duty and tough.
    • Reinforced double doors - tough and secure.
    • Shrouded locking system - for tool security.
    • Fitted with a five point - dead bolt metal shed locking system - tough and secure storage.
    • Integral metal base included complete with free fixings for securing to your concrete base.
    • Drill and pick resistant lock - secure and suitable for the professionals. 
    • Ventilation system around the unit minimizes the build up of condensation inside the unit.
    • Double door access - easy loading of even large items.
    • Integral rain guard - keeps the elements out and your equipment dry.
    • No exposed screw ends - for safe storage and a great look.
    • This tool shed unit is pre-drilled - to accept a range of Asgard accessories.
    • Includes: double tool rail to maximise storage space. 

    Please note: Not all internal components pictured are included in the basic price - Supplied with a tool rail only.

    Please note: That before installation can take place a level, firm surface will be required. (e.g. concrete, tarmac, patio 50mm/2" thick) before installation. The base must be solid, completely flat and secure

  • Dimensions

    Insurance Approved Tool Shed

    Metal tool shed from Asgard

  • Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews

    A good choice Review by



    A little disappointed when and how it was delivered with minimal packaging,which resulted in two pieces having the inner metal edges being bent, which I had to straighten before assembly could take place, and two scratches.
    The overall finished product is very good, and the instructions are very useful and informative
    Very happy with the colour ivory. I would recommend this product
    Great quality storage solution Review by



    Having a narrow 1.6m passage down the side of my house, I was looking for a compact storage solution and the 6 x 3 tool shed with narrow door opening apertures suited the space confinements perfectly...so I bought 2! I'm probably going to buy a third in the future.

    If you are reasonably diy minded you can assemble these yourself. The instructions are easy to follow and by the time I'd done the first, the 2nd shed went up in no time.

    These are quality sheds and the fact they are built with security in mind is a bonus. They are heavy and sturdily built. Who wants a wood shed that will rot and require treatment every few years and which don't look as good.

    With these sheds being 6 x 3 you actually realise all the internal space as storage as you don't have to walk into it to get the things out. My father in law bought a 8ft x 8ft wood shed at about the same time and he has to leave a good section of floor space clear to be able to walk in and get to the tools etc. which is in effect wasted space! I'm sure with my 2 x 6ft x 3ft sheds that I actually have more storage than with my father in laws big shed. Incidentally, his wood shed is quality and cost almost a £1000!! and he's had the joiner back to sort problems with the door numerous times becaus of rain and the door swelling etc.

    I think a few people might consider these sheds to be expensive...but they're not when you see what you're getting...they are very good value for money. I did have a piece missing when delivered but a guy from the factory dropped it off on his way home. It's great to deal with a company only a few miles away and I can't recommend them enough.

    If I do have one gripe it is only to do with the limited colour choice...ideally I would have preferred my sheds in anthracite grey but currently you can only get green, brown and ivory. the brown look great to be fair and better in the flesh than the picture on the web site...but really RAL 7016 should be an option in this day and age...you'd sell shed loads of em!
    couldn't be happier Review by



    I couldn't be happier with the purchase two guys turned up on time and put the shed together very quickly considering they bolted it to the floor as well. The build quality of the shed is excellent and would definitely purchase from Asgard directly again. Don't buy a wooden shed they’re pointless when you can buy one of these. Tim
    couldn't be happier
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Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    All sheds with floors

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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