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Asgard shed questions - Answered

Q: Why do you give a "base size" and what does it mean?

A: We recommend you have a 50mm concrete (or similar) base for our sheds to sit on. A level surface will ensure the shed functions correctly. A flat surface means the doors will open smoothly and will make assembly much easier. We do not recommend you put your shed on grass or soil. Due to the material quality of our metal sheds, they are exceptionally heavy and will sink into soft ground. Asgard metal shed base sizes can be found at the bottom of each product page.

Q: Do I need to be "in" to take delivery?    

A: No, we can leave the shed components in a pre-arranged area. However, If you AGREE to us delivering your shed whenyou are not home, we cannot be held responsible for goods once we leave your premises. Under no circumstances will Asgard take responsibility for any loss or damage to unattended product.

Q: I don't have a flat surface, can I put my shed on my lawn?

A: No. Asgard sheds are the heaviest and most secure on the market. If you put your shed on your lawn it will eventually begin to sink. You may also find difficulty in the opening the doors if the shed is not level.  Asgard recommended metal shed base sizes can be found at the bottom of each product page. If you need help with your shed base, try www.shedforce.co.uk for a guide on the best way to build a shed base.   

Q: What happens when I have placed my order?

1. You will receive an email notification of your order.    
 2. A member of the customer care team will call within 24 hours to confirm your details.    
 3. We will phone you a few days prior to delivery to confirm you are able to accept delivery.

All products will be despatched from our warehouse within 3 weeks of order on our own vehicles*. Each of our products is made to order and manually checked for defects before despatch.  We will only despatch an order when the product has passed our quality control checks. 

Please ensure that when filling in the New Customer form you fill in a correct telephone number. As part of our service we will phone you a few days prior to delivery to ensure you are able to accept delivery. Failure to supply us with a contact phone number may delay the despatch of your order.

Q: I think my Payment has not been processed and I did not get a conformation email back from you.

A: Some times things can go wrong. We use PayPal and RBS for payments over the web. These methods offer superb security, but they do sometimes have problems. If you have had no email back from us within 7 days. Please phone us to check we have your order on the system.


Q: What colours are the sheds available in?

A: We have a standard range of colours available; Dark Green, Ivory and Brown. We can finish the sheds in any colour subject to the quantity required. See our metal shed colours page for approximate colour samples.

Q: What is the expected delivery time?    

A: Our standard delivery is within three weeks of receipt of payment*.

*during exceptionally busy periods delivery can take up to 4 weeks.

Q: Why is the delivery time so long?

A: We design and manufature all your own products, we then deliver and install using only our own highly trained installation crews. Though this may take a little longer, you can be sure the product will arrive complete and in perfect working order. All of our products under go a visual inspection before despatch and on delivery, so you can be sure the product will arrive in the best possible condition.

Q: Can't you just post the shed to us via Royal Mail or a carrier?

A: Asgard sheds are designed for strength and security. As a result many of our sheds are very heavy, (some over 50 stone) When we deliver using our own staff we are sure the sheds will arrive complete and free from damage. The Royal Mail and other couriers can't offer this same guarantee.    

Q: Why do you need a contact phone number?? 

A: Asgard is committed to providing only the best service. We will always phone on the week of delivery to check you are ready to receive your shed.  If you are not quite ready for your shed, then no problem! We will work with you to arrange a better time to suit you.

Q: What if I need spares or replacement parts?  

A:Simply call our helpline on 08456 580 730. We will help you to get the right spares for your shed. 

Q: I ordered a shed two weeks ago and you still haven't debited my card?

A:There are several options to pay for your shed: PayPal, Worldpay, credit cards.  Online orders are debited instantly, order over the phone and we take no money until the following day.

Q: My receipt says Flexiform Business Furniture on it and Not Asgard. Why? Who are they? 

A:Flexiform Business Furniture is the main holding company for Asgard. As receipts and acknowledgements are automatically generated by our computer system they will often make reference to Flexiform. This will in no way affect your goods or services.

Q: Can I collect my shed from the factory?

A:No, we currently have no facilities for public collection at our factory.

Q: If my metal shed is outside, will my shed create condensation in the cold weather?

A: Condensation is greatly reduced, due to our air flow system - discreet air holes within the panels - there is constant air flow therefore condensation rarely forms leaving your goods damp free.

Q: Do you deliver to Ireland? 

A: We can deliver to Ireland. These costs do vary from time to time. Please contact us for up to date costs.   

Q: What is the thickness of the steel used and does it make a difference?


A:The clue is in the weight. Asgard use very heavy gauge galvanized steel (none of the competition use the same grade of material). This makes the shed exceptionally strong and heavy and resistant to both weather and theft.

Galvanised Steel Construction

Q: What is LCPB?

A: LCPB is the Loss Prevention Certification Board an organisation specialising in testing the security qualities of products. Some of our sheds have been tested to level 1. Many of our products are built to this level. Be aware that many companies claim to have this award - though they do not. Ask to see their certification for each product. Click this link to find out more information about Asgard Secure Steel Sheds LPCB ratings.





Q: Are your sheds rodent proof?


A:Yes all are sheds are solid steel - much too strong for rodents to gnaw through. 

Q: Your sheds look complicated to build. How long does it take to build one?

A:On average (2 people for the smaller sheds - 3 for the large ones) 90 mins - 2 hours. 

Q: The addition and the annexe, they look the same. What is the difference??

A: Both sheds are build in exactly the same way, both sheds feature the same tough Pick resistant locks,however, the Annexe has additional stiffeners in the doors and the frame work. These extra braces are designed to help to prevent entry from even determined thieves, so much so it has been awarded a level 1 rating from the Loss Prevention Certification Board.  Which is for you?? That's personal choice. The Addition cycle store is a really tough shed suitable for most cycle users. If you are really paranoid, live in a remote area or looking for a discount on your bike insurance then the Annexe bike store may be for you.

Q: We live on a small country road, can your delivery van get to us?


A: Please note that Asgard often deliver on large vehicles. Please advise us of any access restrictions to the delivery address. (narrow roads, restricted access times etc) we can then send an appropriate vehicle. If we are not informed of any restrictions we may unable to complete the delivery. You may be charged for redelivery.

Any more questions?

If there is anything you need to know or you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us by phone 08456 580 730 or email us here. 

Got a specific product question?? See our product specific FAQ here.

*during exceptionally busy periods delivery can take up to 4 weeks. 

Why choose an Asgard Metal Shed

  • Rust resistant

    Rust resistant

  • All sheds with floors

    Integral metal floor**

  • Interest-free credit

    Interest-free credit***

  • Welded construction

    Welded construction

  • Vented roof

    Vented roof

  • Made in the UK

    Made in the UK

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