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Bike storage shed accessories pack

Product code: BULKPACK3

WAS £70


Bundle Deal 1

Heavy Duty Hooks x5Heavy Duty Hooks x5Heavy Duty Shelves x2

  • Heavy Duty Hooks x5
  • Heavy Duty Shelves x2
  • Access Bike Storage - Bundle Pack 1

    Asgard have put together a great selection of bundle packs.  Each pack has been put together to give you even more storage options for you money.  Buy one of the Access bike store bundle packs and you will save on the combined R.R.P. of the individual accessories.

    5 x cycle storage hooks (galvanized steel) - Ideal for hanging ....pretty much anything you want.

    2 x (side mounted) heavy duty shelves - for keeping all of your maintenance equipment out of the house!

    Please note:

    When ordering bundle pack 1 - please ensure you order the correct colour accessories to match your bike shed.

    The Access Bike Storage shed is NOT included in this bundle.  This bundle deal is for the shelves and hooks alone.

    The Asgard Access bike storage shed has been designed to store up to 4 bikes in a secure and safe manner.  If you are looking to store more or less bikes, then please browse through our main bike store category here> and find the right bike store for you.

  • The Access Bike Store - Bundle Pack 1 consists of:

    5 x Heavy duty cycle storage hooks (made from tough Asgard - galvanized steel) - Ideal for hanging clothes and helmets - pretty much anything you want really.

    2 x (side mounted) heavy duty shelves - Perfect for keeping all of your maintenance equipment and riding shoes, water bottles etc. together with your bikes - keep dirt   and mud out of the house!

    Note:  Access bike store shelves will ONLY fit either side of the unit.

    The Access bike shed is NOT included in this pack.

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